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The City of Raymore is pleased to announce the implementation of a water meter conversion program.

This program will replace approximately 4,000 aging water meters in our community– most well beyond their useful life and prone to inaccurate readings and failures– with new residential water meters.

The new residential water meters will automatically transmit water meter readings to City Hall, eliminating the need to manually read each water meter.

Benefits of the new water meters:

  • Extremely accurate
  • No moving parts, long-lasting
  • Alarms that alert us to an issue, such as an unusually high water usage over a short period of time. We can contact you to see if you have a running toilet or a leak so you can take care of it immediately, rather than finding out when you receive your next bill. 
  • Improved customer service and efficiency.


When will my new meter be installed?
We anticipate starting new installations in June 2019.
Who will be installing the meters and how long will it take?
Water meter installation will take approximately 15 minutes per home. During this time, your water will need to be shut off. Workers from RTS Water Solutions will be installing the meters and they will be driving work trucks and wearing uniforms clearly marked with RTS Water Solutions logos/identification. The workers will not need to enter your home, however they will knock on the door to alert you that they are there to install your new water meter. If it is an inconvenient time where you can't have your water shut off for 15 minutes, let them know and they will come back later
Will water meter installers need to come into my home?
The workers will not need to enter your home, however they will knock on the door to alert you that they are there to install your new water meter.
How will you be able to read my water meter at City Hall?
A high-powered 2-watt radio will send your meter reading wirelessly on a licensed radio frequency to one of two special monitoring systems located at the water tower on J Highway and the water tower near Foxwood Springs. That information is processed and sent electronically to City Hall, with readings every hour and checks for alarms every five minutes. 
My meter seems to work fine. Does it have to be upgraded?
Yes, all meters will need an upgrade. Numerous homes over the last couple years have had water meters replaced with the new meters being used in this project. The meters for those homes will only require small modifications for the upgrade.
How do you know that my reading is accurate?

Independent testing has confirmed the accuracy of these meters. Using the latest technology, the meters have no moving parts. The meters can read water passing through the meter down to 0.027 gallon per minute. Each radio frequency device on a meter has a unique identification number, which is transmitted with the meter reading. The ID number is compared to your account to ensure there is a match.

If you still have questions, meters can be manually read. Just give us a call at 816-331-5182.

Still have questions about the water meter conversion project?

Contact Melissa Paith at Public Works at 816-331-2377.