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Pickup Days

Because of the growth of our community, we will be dividing this into two days — Wednesday and Thursday. Half of the City will be picked up on Wednesday and the other half will be on Thursday. Once assigned, your trash pick-up day will remain the same. Click here for an interactive map to discover your trash day.

***Holidays do not affect the trash pick-up schedule. Trash is picked up on your assigned day each week, regardless of holidays.***

Solid Waste

Residents are permitted to put out an unlimited amount of bagged trash each week. Please make sure the trash cart lid is closed completely and all trash inside the cart is bagged. Crews will still be on the truck to pick up any additional bagged or boxed trash placed on the curb.


Raymore residents are allowed to place unlimited recycling out during their collection day. Residents must place all recyclable items in the container with Blue lid. If your recycle container is full, place all other items neatly next to the container.


  • Aluminum cans and other metal cans
  • Plastic bottles with a neck #1 and #2 (Look for the number inside the chasing arrow symbol), such as water and soda bottles, milk jugs and detergent bottles.
  • Plastic containers #3, #4, #5, #6 and #7. (Look for the number inside the chasing arrow symbol). Containers such as yogurt and margarine/butter tubs.
  • Office paper, junk mail, newspapers (without plastic rain bag), phone books, catalogs and magazines.
  • Cardboard (thick corrugated and thin cereal box type), paper/hardback books.
  • Pizza delivery boxes without food
  • Cardboard egg cartons (Styrofoam egg cartons are not accepted)
  • Shredded paper in a paper bag (Please label bag: Shredded Paper)


Not Recyclable

  • Glass
  • Plastic Bags
  • Styrofoam and Styrofoam egg cartons
  • Motor oil bottles and other automotive product bottles
  • Containers for household hazardous material, paint cans
  • Paper Towels, tissues or napkins, plates or cups
  • Aseptic and waxed containers, like milk carton or juice boxes
  • Gift wrap
  • Photographs, blueprints, and hanging file folders
  • Bags that contained pet food, fertilizer, charcoal or kitty litter


Yard Waste

Residents can place an unlimited amount of yard waste at the curb. Yard waste will be collected on a weekly basis March 1 through Dec. 31.

Limbs/bushes will be securely bundled in less than 18 inches diameter. Maximum length should be 36 inches and not more than 60 lbs. in weight.

Christmas trees will be collected at the curb through the month of January on your regular pick-up day. They should be cut in half if the length is more than 8 feet. All tinsel, lights and ornaments must be removed from the Christmas trees.

Special Item/Bulky Item Pickup

***Spring 2019 Bulky Item Pick Up Days: Wednesday trash residents- Friday, May 3; Thursday trash residents- Friday, May 17.***

To have a bulky item picked up from your home, residents will need to contact Jim's Disposal Service directly to schedule a pick-up time. Residents may be charged $25 and will be billed independently for this service. If an item is privately picked-up prior to Jim's pick-up, the resident will not be charged.

Jim's Disposal Service will also be providing two, FREE, citywide bulky item pick-up days per year as part of the contract. Residents will be able to set out up to five items on these days with a limitation of only one refrigerator per residence at each.

A spring and fall pick-up day will be offered.

Please read the following lists of acceptable and non-acceptable items carefully.

Please make sure your bulky items are at the curb no later than 7 a.m. on your assigned bulky item pick-up day in order for your items to be picked up. 


  • White goods: Refrigerators, freezers and air conditioning units (compressors will need to be removed from all items that use Freon)
  • Metal appliances: such as stoves, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, water heaters and furnaces
  • Furniture: such as couches, tables, chairs, TVs (excludes tube TVs and computers), beds, mattresses and metal furniture
  • Other items: such as bathroom fixtures, cabinets, rugs, garage doors, lawn mowers, disassembled swing sets and metal fencing
  • Storm windows and glass panes. To help prevent injury, place a large “X” of masking tape across glass panes to prevent shattering and stack them separately from other bulky items.
  • Carpet if it is rolled up and either over four feet long or over 40 lbs.



  • Trash in bags or boxes will not be accepted in bulky collections. These items must be disposed in the regular weekly trash collection.
  • Commercial or business trash or waste materials, including trash or waste from businesses conducted in or from a residence
  • Piles of stuff, bags or boxes of smaller items
  • Loose or scattered materials
  • Closed drums or fuel tanks, metal drums must have both ends removed to be collected
  • Automobile parts (bodies, gas tanks, doors, fenders, tires, etc.)
  • Railroad ties
  • Hazardous materials (paint, chemicals, etc.)

*Please visit RecycleSpot.org for a list of locations to dispose of hazardous waste.

If you would like to dispose of more than five items on your assigned bulky item pick-up day, you will need to contact Jim's and pay for the additional items two weeks in advance (WEDNESDAY trash residents by Friday, Sept. 28 and THURSDAY trash residents by Friday, Oct. 5) so the drivers will be able to plan accordingly and pick up the extra items. Call Jim's Disposal at 816-408-0220 to make arrangements.

Counting items: A mattress and a box spring are considered to be TWO items. If residents disassemble items such as bed frames, they will need to bundle/tie the frame together or it will be counted as multiple items.


The City of Raymore will charge residents monthly the exact amount of the contract. There are no other fees assessed to the residents for this service. Starting January 1, 2019, trash and recycling rates will change to $12.77 per month, with the rate showing up on your February bill.

Per the contract with our citywide trash provider, the amount is allowed to increase or decrease based on the overall fuel rates and other costs associated with providing the service as set by the Department of Labor.