Google Fiber high-speed internet and cable will soon be coming to Raymore.

While many are excited for a new high-speed internet and cable provider, it also means Google will be undertaking a major infrastructure project in Raymore to install the new fiber required for their network.

Residents can expect to see Google Fiber contractors working within the City’s right-of-way and various public easements. Residents should receive door-hangers from Google Fiber contractors prior to construction activity beginning in their immediate neighborhood.

Google Fiber contractors will be placing buried conduits, installing fiber (both aerial and buried), and replacing utility poles if necessary.

You can expect the following during the construction process:

  • Occasional lane closures as contractors work along residential streets.
  • Contractors may need to access utility poles or underground equipment on or near your property.
  • Digging in numerous easement or right-of-way areas will be necessary to install the fiber network within your neighborhood.


Mark your sprinklers for extra precaution

As Google contractors make their way through the City installing the new fiber, they will be conducting some of that work in residents’ yards.

Although they will be marking all public utilities and taking precautions as they work, it will be important that residents also mark where their in-ground sprinkler heads and lines are located as well.

The City has a record of homes with up-to-date back-flow permits, but if you have installed a new system or not had the system inspected recently, the City might not know to notify Google’s contractors of your existing in-ground sprinkler system. 

Residents can pick up a free set of pink yard flags to mark their sprinkler system and ensure that Google’s contractors know where your system is located in your yard.

To pick up your free set of pink yard flags, contact the Public Works Department at 816-892-3020 or email Margie Sullivan at



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