Annual Curb Replacement Program

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Annual Curb Replacement

The curb replacement program for the City of Raymore is a budget-based program to replace damaged curb in different areas on a yearly schedule.

In 2019, Public Works- Engineering revised the curb replacement program to improve the level of service and the look and quality of neighborhoods in the City by replacing damaged curb on a block by block approach, rather than the previous driveway to driveway approach.

To determine which curbs are addressed, Public Works engineers will review curbs within three work zones: north City limits to Route 58; Route 58 to Lucy Webb; and Lucy Webb to south City limits.

The City will work in each zone proportionally by the amount of work that needs to be completed in each zone. This means as one zone has more curb to be replaced than another, it will receive more funding. Each street will be assessed based on the total amount of work that needs to be completed. Final selections are made based on total street conditions.

The new replacement approach will provide more uniform quality overall and require fewer repeat visits to replace adjoining sections of curb year after year.

Guidelines are in place to make a smooth conversion to the revised program and ensure that the efforts of the previous years have not been wasted.

The revised program will allow for critical spot replacement of curb. Critical spot curb replacements are typically used for curb replacement in front of driveways in various locations throughout town.

View a map of the 2020 proposed curb replacements.

How does the City determine what curb needs replaced?

The City uses the condition rating system to evaluate curb and places it into three categories:

Condition Rating 1 includes minor cracks and small chips and this rating would not qualify the curb for replacement. Condition Ratings 2 and 3 are more serious, with Condition Rating 3 including large broken sections, sections that have deteriorated to gravel and a combination of failures from the other ratings.

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