Annual Curb Replacement Program

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Annual Curb Replacement

With more than 240 miles of curb in Raymore  aging at different rates, all of the curbs in our community were evaluated using a rating system. A five-year program was developed and approved by City Council in 2017 to replace the more than 200,000 feet of curb with damage and defects, and was updated in February 2018 to include a sixth year.

Each foot of curb costs approximately $25 to replace, meaning the entire project will cost around $5.5 million. The City Council has budgeted $500,000 a year for curb replacement, so nearly 20,000 feet of curb will be replaced in the  second year of the project.

To determine which curbs are addressed, Public Works engineers assign each section of aging curb a rating number that easily describes the quality of the curb and helps determine which curbs qualify for replacement.

Condition Rating 1 includes minor cracks and small chips and this rating would not qualify the curb for replacement. Condition Ratings 2 and 3 are more serious, with Condition Rating 3 including large broken sections, sections that have deteriorated to gravel and a combination of failures from the other ratings.

This map shows the areas within those subdivisions scheduled for curb replacement this year. Public Works will hold to their scheduled plan and work closely with contractors to determine if there are any additional areas in need of immediate curb work. Critical spots that may be replaced outside of this plan include rough patches of curb at the ends of driveways that may damage vehicles.

If you are concerned about a curb at the end of your driveway, contact Public Works at 816-331-1852 or email

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