Recovered Lost & Stolen Property

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The Raymore Police Department's evidence division is responsible for the inventory, storage and/or disposal of all property seized or recovered. This could also include items found by residents and turned in to the Police Department.


How to claim property

Anyone who believes that their property has been seized or is being held by the Police Department should contact us at 816-331-0530. Unclaimed property is subject to forfeit and/or disposal after six months.

Residents are advised to make an appointment with the Property Officer BEFORE arriving to pick up property items, in order to ensure that those items are available. Be sure to have case number, property description and/or proof of ownership ready.


If you believe the Police Department has recovered a weapon belonging to you, you will need to set an appointment to retrieve it. Please be prepared to show valid photo ID and proof of ownership.

Weapons CANNOT be returned if any of the following applied:

  1. You are a convicted felon
  2. You have outstanding arrest warrants
  3. You have a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction
  4. You are the subject of an order of protection

Other facts or circumstances may disqualify you from having a weapon returned to you. If you have any other questions, contact the Police Department.


Recovered property

The Raymore Police Department has recovered the following lost or stolen items. If you believe the property belongs to you, or know to whom it does belong, please contact the department at 816-331-0530 or click here to send an email. Please include a detailed description of the property with your request.

 Property Description Date Found Destroy Date 
 Jeans and TShirt  09/04/2016  03/04/2017
 Mongoose Bicycle  09/04/2016  03/04/2017
Unknown Make Bicycle  09/13/2016  03/13/2017
 Notebook and Pen  09/30/2016


 Toy Truck and Flip Phone  10/12/16  04/12/2017
 Under Armour Hoodie  10/18/16  04/18/17
 Dyno Bicycle  11/14/16  05/14/17
 Mongoose Bicycle  11/14/16  05/14/2017
 Keys and Key chain  11/21/16  05/21/2017
 Hard Drive (WD)  12/02/2016  06/02/2017
 Monster High Bicycle  12/12/2016  06/12/2017
 Keys (Large Groupling)  12/12/2016  06/12/2017
 Hot Wheels Bicycle  01/13/2017  07/13/2017
 Schwinn Bicycle  01/13/2017  07/13/2017