Feral Cat Program

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Raymore Animal Control is dedicated to reducing the number of feral cats in our community effectively and humanely. 

Capturing, caring for and adopting out every feral cat in our area is extremely time consuming and expensive.

However, it is possible, with a little work and time, to turn a feral cat into a successful barn cat who will earn his or her keep by controlling the rodent population in the outbuildings of our rural areas.

It is possible to give these animals a second chance at life with the right resources, while curbing reproduction.

We are fortunate to have the wonderful support of animal advocates who share our stories, adopt our homeless animals and provide donations that allow us to do our job more effectively.

We know many of you support humane cat programs because they align with your values. We need an even larger network of support and engagement to meet our shared goal of the effective reduction in the number of unowned, outdoor feral cats in Raymore through humane practices, rather than euthanasia.

A $30 sponsorship covers the cost of sterilization and vaccinations for one feral cat. Will you support us in this mission?