Fine Schedule

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Violations Bureau Order

Pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 37 of the State of Missouri and the City Code of Raymore, Missouri, Chapter 130, the following procedure has been established for the convenience of those who prefer to plead guilty and dispose of traffic and ordinance charges and thereby avoid the inconvenience and delay incident to court appearance.

This schedule of fines and court costs has been authorized and approved by Judge Nigro, the Cass County Circuit Court,  Raymore Municipal Division,  for the use of parties who elect to handle their cases by paying through the Violations Bureau.



Animal at Large 1st Offense (No Bite/Injury) $79
Animal Fail to Register $79
ATV Prohibited Use   $79
Certain Vehicles Prohibited from Parking on Street $79 
Child Restraint $78
Defective Equipment-Headlight/Tail Light/Brake light $79
Defective Equipment-Muffler (Excessive Noise/Smoke   $79
Drive Wrong Way on a One Way Street   $89
Fail to Comply with Placed Traffic Signal $89  
Fail to Dim Lights  $79 
Fail to Drive on Right Half of Roadway  $89
Fail to Keep Motor Vehicle w/in Marked Lane  $89
Fail to Obey No Turn Signs $89 
Fail to Obey Traffic Control Device (No Accident) $89
Fail to Register Motor Vehicle (Improper or Expired) $79 
Fail to Signal (No Accident) $89
Fail to Stop at Stop/Yield Sign  (No Accident) $89
Fail to Stop for School Bus $159
Fail to Yield Right of  Way (No Accident) $89
Fail to Yield to Pedestrian (No Accident) $109 
Fail to Yield to Emergency Vehicle $109
Fire Lane Violation (Park, Stand, Stop) $44 
Follow Too Close (No Accident) $89
Headlamp on Moor Vehicle Violation (Defective Equipment)  $79
Headlamp when Required $79 
Impeding Movement of Traffic/Obstruct Traffic $89
Improper Backing (No Accident) $92 
Improper Display of License Plate  $79
Improper Parking   $100
Improper Passing (No Accident) $159
Improper Turn  $89
Insurance (Valid at time but not on person) Dismiss
No Stop/Stand/Park Near Congested Area $79 
Operate ATV on Roadway w/o Operator's License $89 
Parked in Handicapped Zone $129
Parked for Certain Purposes $79 
Parking/Stand Too Close to Curb or On One Way Street   $79
Permit Invalid Licensee to Operate Motorcycle  $99
Removal of Plates on Sale of Vehicle $79 
Seat Belt $10
Tail Lamps/Reflectors Violation (Defective Equipment) $79 
Text Messaging/Using Hand Held Device While Driving $109
Transfer of Certificate of Ownership Upon Sale of Vehicle $79 
Unauthorized Plates/Tags/Stickers on Motor Vehicle  $79


*MUST APPEAR IN COURT: Involved in an Accident, Speeding in School Zone or

Speeding 26 or MPH over Speed Limit

1-5 OVER $79
6-10 OVER $89
11-15 OVER $99
16-19 OVER $129
20-25 OVER $184


Mandatory Court Appearance Offenses

(You must appear on the following)

  • Any violation resulting in an accident or injury
  • Any alcohol/drug related offense
  • Driving while suspended or revoked
  • Operating a vehicle with a counterfeited, altered driver’s license
  • Fleeing or attempting to elude an officer
  • Speeding 26 MPH or more over posted speed limit
  • Speeding School Zone-ALL 
  • Non-traffic offenses
  • Animal at Large 2nd offense
  • All Codes Cases


Payment must be made by the end of the court session on your assigned court date.


Failure to Contact the Court by the assigned court date may result in the issuance of a warrant for your arrest. No notification will be mailed to you regarding your fine and/or due date.