Department Goals

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  1. Continue involvement in committees, programs and meetings sponsored by the Mid-America Regional Planning Council (1.3.3)
  2. Identify processes that could benefit from the use of additional technology (4.1.2)

Customer Service

  1. Improve customer service processes to increase the opportunities for customers to receive the information they need on a first contact (1.3.1)
  2. Provide opportunities to front-line employees for cross-training with other departments (1.3.4)

Geographic Information Systems

  1. Continue providing GIS applications to assist City Departments with programs and activities

Planning and Zoning

  1. Implement policy recommendations identified in the Community for All Ages Master Plan (1.3.2)
  2. Complete steps necessary to submit application for recognition as a Walk Friendly Community (1.3.2)
  3. Explore alternate modes of transportation for residents to participate in community events, medical appointments, and basic need services (2.2.2)
  4. Explore opportunities for bike lanes on existing roadways (2.2.2)
  5. Explore opportunities to expand and enhance water quality treatment requirements related to new development (2.2.3)
  6. Explore adoption of a tree preservation ordinance (2.2.3)
  7. Explore the creation of a town center (3.2.3)
  8. Assist Economic Development Department with identification of opportunity sites and review of any process changes that could affect development (3.3.4)


  1. Continue annual review of the property maintenance and building codes (2.1.4)
  2. Expand use of on-line permitting program
  3. Explore establishment of a City/Volunteer partnership to provide assistance to those most in need with code compliance matters.