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Post Date:03/05/2018 3:12 PM

The days are getting warmer. Humans and dogs alike are getting outside to enjoy these nice spring days after being cooped up all winter.2018-leashlaw

Before you head outside, it’s important to remember that Raymore has a leash law and it applies to even the best behaved or trained dogs—and cats, too.

While pets on leashes are welcome in our parks, there have been multiple reports of off-leash dogs at Recreation Park and even more reports of pet waste not being cleaned up. Recreation Park has four pet waste stations with bags and trash cans available. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs, so please use these stations and dispose of your dog’s poop properly.

Pets must absolutely be on leash in all of our City parks and any time they are not on the premises of the owner.

This law is for the safety of pets and their owners as much as it is for others enjoying our public spaces.

  • A dog on a leash is less likely to get in to danger.

  • A dog on a leash can’t be hit by a car, stolen or lost.

  • A dog on a leash is less likely to cause an accident if they’re unable to run into the street.

  • A dog on a leash is less likely to eat a toxic food or plant since you can keep a closer eye on him or her.

  • A dog on a leash is less likely to get into a fight with another dog. Just because your dog is friendly doesn’t mean the other dogs he encounters will be.

  • A dog on a leash won’t be a pest to others. Not all people are comfortable around dogs, even if they’re friendly.

  • A dog on a leash lessens the chance of a bite. If your dog gets scared or upset and bites a child, adult or someone else’s pet, you could be facing some very tough consequences.

  • A dog on a leash won’t breed “accidentally.” If you have an intact, free-running dog, he or she could very easily add to the dog population. Pssst… spay and neuter your pets!

Please keep this information in mind next time you take your dog out and about in Raymore. If you see an off-leash pet or animal running at-large, you are encouraged to report it to Animal Control at 816-331-0530. Let’s keep our streets, sidewalks and parks safe for all of our human and furry residents.

For more information on the City’s leash law, visit and click on the link under City Codes and Animals.