City trash service changes (Jan. 2018)

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Starting Jan. 1, 2018, the City of Raymore will be switching vendors for its citywide trash pick-up service. This page is designed to answer as many questions as possible about the upcoming change.

We know residents will have many other questions and we encourage you to call our utility office at 816-331-5182.

The level of service you have come to expect will also not change. In fact, in some areas we are increasing the level of service while keeping the cost down.


Cart delivery and pick-up

As part of this change, every resident who receives trash service through the City, will be getting a new trash cart and a new recycling cart from Jim’s Disposal starting the week of Dec. 11. Contractors will be dropping off trash and recycling carts throughout the week. Although the new carts will be delivered early, residents will still need to use their current WCA/Town & Country trash carts until the end of the year.

On Dec. 27 & 28, WCA/Town & Country will begin picking up all of the old carts. We encourage our residents to leave their carts at the curb even after the Dec. 27 trash day to allow for easier pick-up by WCA’s contractors.

Starting Jan. 3 or 4, 2018, residents will need to begin using the new Jim’s Disposal trash and recycling carts.

New trash days

As part of this new service, and to accommodate our growing community, Jim’s Disposal will be splitting the community into two assigned trash days. Residents who live north of Lucy Webb and west of Madison Street, will continue to have their trash and recycling picked up on Wednesdays.

Residents who live south of Lucy Webb or east of Madison will have their trash picked up on Thursdays. Visit our interactive map where you can look up what trash day you will have starting Jan. 3 or 4, 2018.

 If you live on Lucy Webb or Madison, your trash day will be determined by the side of the roadway on which you live (If you live on the north side of Lucy Webb and west of Madison, your trash day will be on Wednesday. Residents living on the south side of Lucy Webb will have a Thursday trash day. Resident living on the west side of Madison and north of Lucy Webb will have a Wednesday trash day. Resident living on the east side of Madison will have a Thursday trash day.)

Yard waste, bulky items and recycling will also be picked up on the assigned trash day unless a resident makes a separate arrangement with Jim’s Disposal.

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Solid Waste

There will be no changes from current unlimited solid waste service. Residents will still be permitted to put out bagged trash in addition to what is in the cart. Jim's Disposal will be using automatic pick-up trucks on some routes and if the lid is propped open it can affect the tipping process. Please make sure the cart lid is closed completely. However, crews will still be on the truck to pick up any additional bagged waste placed on the curb.


Each residence will be provided with a 65-gallon solid waste and a 65-gallon recycling cart. Rehrig Pacific will be conducting the trash cart "program" for Jim's Disposal Service. They are located in De Soto, Kansas. Their program will include extensive contact with residents to allow them to change cart sizes prior to delivery if they wish. Residents can choose different cart sizes in writing, online or by telephone.

The contract calls for new cart delivery in December 2017. Existing carts will be picked up immediately after the end of the existing contract in January 2018.

Pickup Days

Currently, every residence in Raymore has trash picked up on Wednesday. Because of the growth of our community, we will be dividing this into two days — Wednesday and Thursday. Half of the City will be picked up on Wednesday and the other half will be on Thursday. Once assigned, your trash pick-up day will remain the same.


There is also no change from current unlimited recycling service. Although the recycling cart size is larger than the current provider — to try and encourage more recycling — residents can order a smaller cart. Residents can put out recycling that doesn't fit into the cart.

Yard Waste

There will be no change in the unlimited yard waste that can be placed at the curb. The same yard waste rules will apply (only grass clippings, leaves, vines, hedges, and shrub trimmings, tree trimmings and tree limbs).

The yard waste pickup schedule will also be expanded. Starting in 2018, yard waste will be picked up at the same time as trash and recycling from March 1 through Dec. 31.

Special Item/Bulky Item Pickup

Residents will pay $25 for each item of bulky pickup. The resident will contact Jim's Disposal Service directly and they will be billed independently for this service. If an item is privately picked-up prior to Jim's pick-up, the resident will not be charged.

Jim's Disposal Service will also be providing two, FREE, citywide bulky item pick-up days per year as part of the contract. Residents will be able to set out up to five items on these days with a limitation of only one refrigerator per residence at each.

A spring and fall pick-up day will be offered, but the details of these pick-up days will be finalized with the City and information provided to residents.


The cost of weekly trash service will only increase to cover the cost of the contract, which went through a public bid process. The City of Raymore will charge residents monthly the exact amount of the contract ($12.41 per residence, per month). There are no other fees assessed to the residents for this service.