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Legacy Program

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Everyone remembers their favorite park from when they were growing up. Whether it was a particular ball field, playground, or just a unique place where you could get away, it held a special place in your mind. Now the Raymore Parks & Recreation Department is giving residents a chance to give back and show their love for their favorite community park and help improve the parks for future generations.

The Raymore Legacy Program will give residents the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy through a donation toward honor bricks, tribute trees, memorial benches or heritage shelters.

The program is designed to enhance and beautify the City of Raymore’s public parks, green spaces, linear parks and public grounds. It also provides Raymore residents a way to connect with the park system on a personal level.

Through this program, groups or individuals can commemorate special events, dedicate memorials to loved ones, honor our service men and women or simply leave a legacy in Raymore.

Honor Bricks

With an Honor Brick, anyone can leave a lasting impression on Raymore’s history by purchasing an inscribed brick to be placed in the Honor Square located in front of the The Depot at T.B. Hanna Station.

Honor Bricks are dedicated once a year during Raymore's Veterans Celebration at T.B. Hanna Station. This year's Veterans Celebration will be held at 4 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017. The deadline for ordering bricks is Monday, Oct. 9, 2017.

You may choose to have your name engraved on the brick or have it inscribed in memory of another individual. Honor Bricks are an ideal way to honor veterans of any military service or to remember a special occasion. Honor Bricks can also be used as an opportunity to show support for an organization.

For a gift of $80, a 4x8-inch engraved brick will be installed in the Honor Square. Each brick can be engraved with up to three lines of lettering with a maximum of 16 characters per line, including spaces and punctuation.

The Parks & Recreation Department reserves the right to place or organize the Honor Bricks in a way that best suits the location and to ensure that the wording requested is appropriate.

Tribute Trees

Planting a tree is a wonderful tribute for something or someone significant in your life. It also is something that everyone can enjoy for many years to come.
The cost to donate a Tribute Tree is $300 per tree. This includes the tree, ongoing maintenance of the tree and a small dedication leaf to be placed on the Memorial Tree plaque located inside Raymore City Hall. Trees will range in size from 1.5 to 2.5 inch caliber depending on availability and species. After the tree is planted, the contact person will receive a certificate and map of the planting location for each tree. Trees are guaranteed for one year after planting.

Trees may be planted at any of our Raymore City Parks or green-ways. Species may depend on location. If a tree selection is not appropriate to the desired park, other species may be considered. Please discuss your tree preference with the city arborist. The Parks & Recreation Department may limit planting in certain locations at their discretion.

Memorial Benches

A Memorial Bench is a loving tribute that can be placed in a park, open space area or along a trail within the city. It honors a special occasion or remembrance that will add beauty to the landscape for all park patrons to enjoy.

To place a Memorial Bench, a donation of $2,000 per bench is required. The fee includes the purchase of the bench, installation in a concrete platform and a commemorative plaque. All benches will be six feet in length, black and a Victorian style.

Installation depends on the time of year the request is received. Please allow four to six months for installation. After the bench is installed, the contact person will receive a certificate and map showing the bench location.

The Parks & Recreation Department may limit installation in certain locations at their discretion. Plaques have limited room for text. Contact Parks & Recreation for more information.

Heritage Shelters

Become a lasting part of Raymore’s park system through a dedicated Heritage Shelter. Endowments of $10,000 will purchase and install a family picnic shelter in Recreation or Memorial Park. These shelters will be a permanent feature of the park system.

Location and shelter size will be agreed upon between the Parks & Recreation Department and the shelter donor. Installation depends on the time of year the request is received. Please allow four to six months for installation. After the shelter is installed, the contact person will be invited for a grand opening ceremony which will include a dedication plaque located on the shelter.

The Parks & Recreation Department may limit installation in certain locations at their discretion. Picnic tables are available for additional fees. Heritage shelters are not guaranteed to have water or electricity.