The Arts in Raymore

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The Raymore Arts Commission invites you to explore the rich and creative arts community we are building here in our city. Since its creation in 2015, the commission and its members have worked to bring more artistic opportunities to our residents — both artists and non-artists alike. 

The Arts Commission oversees a number of arts projects including:

Featured Artists

2017 Student Artists

Two of the Arts Commission's featured artists include middle school students Kayden Mazor and Lillian Garcia (front row). Their teachers are James Peters from Belton Middle School and Kris Dillon from the Ray-Pec Middle School.


The Raymore Arts Commission welcomes a group of award-winning youth artists to the Raymore City Council Chamber gallery space this month.

As part of the Tri-County Art League's fall Art Fest, many of the participants of the students art competition are now on display at City Hall. The artists are all from the Belton and Raymore-Peculiar school districts. The show will be on display until March 2