Current Projects


The Raymore Public Works Department works year-round to complete a number of infrastructure and building projects for residents. Below you will find a list of the projects currently underway:

58 Highway Mill & Overlay

Starting Sept. 19, 2016, contractors will being the extensive process of milling and overlaying 58 Highway between J Highway and Dean Ave. Funding for the project was approved by voters as part of a no-tax-increase bond question on the April 2016 ballot.

The project will also replace curbs and sidewalks in several sections. It will also update and improve the ADA ramps.

As contractors will need to close a single lane as they work on each section of the roadway. At this time, the City does not anticipate a needing to close 58 Highway at any point during this project.

Google Fiber Installation

The City continues to work with Google Fiber contractors as they install their new television and internet network in Raymore. Because of the size of this infrastructure project, the City have worked with Google Fiber to develop a site specifically for this process. Visit to learn more about the project. 


Annual and on-going projects

Annual Curb Replacement Project

Annual Sidewalk Installation Project

Sidewalk Repair and Mudjacking Project

Following the purchase of mudjacking equipment, City Public Works staff have been moving through neighborhoods repairing sidewalks that have become uneven or are not level with other sidewalk sections.