Annual Curb Replacement Program

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There are more than 240 miles of curb in Raymore, all aging at different rates. In order to maximize the money available to replace the curbs each year, the City developed a Curb Replacement Program. All of the curbs in the community were evaluated using a rating system, and a plan to replace them in a systematic manner over the next five years was developed and approved by the City Council in 2017. The entire plan is reviewed every 3-4 years and projects may be reprioritized based on the speed that curb is deteriorating, etc.

When will my curb be replaced?

Our goal is to systematically replace all of the curbs in the community in a way that makes financial sense, while making sure that our community looks well-maintained in the meantime. Some years, there are smaller projects in a variety of neighborhoods throughout town, and some years the work is focused on larger projects in certain neighborhoods. We understand it may be frustrating to have to wait a few years for a project in your neighborhood and we appreciate your patience.

How do I get my curb included in the program?

The Curb Replacement Program is designed to address curb replacement in our community in a systematic manner. Unfortunately, this means that we cannot always accommodate your request to have your curb included in an earlier program year than when the replacement is scheduled. However, our staff is always reevaluating the curbs throughout town, so if you notice a curb that is deteriorating, please contact Public Works. We do consider this information when finalizing our replacement plan for the upcoming year and may be able to do a patch on the curb in the meantime.

Why did you replace a curb down the street but not mine?

The plan primarily focuses on replacing curbs with a Curb Rating Condition of 2 and 3, but curbs with a Condition Rating of 1 may also be replaced if it makes logistic or financial sense as part of the overall program (for example- a section of curb with a condition of 1 may be replaced if it is between sections of curb that are rated 2 or 3). Unfortunately, due to the amount of curb that needs to be replaced throughout the community, we are unable to replace all of the curb in a neighborhood at the same time.

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