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Raymore launches new logo, community identity

Post Date:09/01/2017 2:59 p.m.

Raymore's New LogoThere is no doubt you have noticed that our logo has a new look.

With the official launch of the City’s new branding and marketing efforts, it was only natural to also give our logo a new look. But our new branding is more than just a new look, it is a reflection of who we have become as a community.

This week, the City's Communications Department, working in partnership with our City Council, the Branding Steering Committee and all of our employees officially unveiled the new logo and exciting new designs that slowly being filtering out into the community. It invites both our residents and those who live outside out City Limits to discover more about our City and what it has to offer.

It’s an exciting time to be a Raymore resident.

Economic development is booming. Our parks are seeing many improvements and added amenities. Our City is experiencing tremendous growth, yet still our residents love that friendly, small-town feel.

While we are not deleting our proud history, it was important that our new logo and branding show the entire Kansas City region that we have more to offer and more to discover within our community.

Of course, branding is more than just a new logo. It is how we feel about being a
member of this great community.

Raymore: Come home to more

How did we select our new branding? We looked at our strong points and our community values. We asked residents what Raymore means to them: residents who have lived here their whole lives; residents who grew up in Raymore, left and then moved back home; and residents who have only been here a short while.

Community integrity, safety, opportunities and growth were recurring answers.

Raymore offers the safety and spirit of a small town, but is just a short drive away from the greater metro area. Raymore is a family-friendly, connected community with great schools and youth programs, an excellent parks system and community events. Raymore is ready for business and is committed to giving its residents more ways to dine, shop, play and work in Raymore. Our roots run deep and we love our town. The pioneering spirit residents of Raymore have possessed since its humble beginnings in 1858 continues to motivate and inspire us as we guide our community today and invest in our next generation.

SeedPod PDFA seed planted

The symbol in our new logo is inspired by the seed in the new seed pod sculpture at the corner of 58 Highway and Dean Avenue. The seed represents the remembrance of our humble beginnings and roots, the City’s growth, prosperity and opportunities in our future.

More importantly, it is a unique feature to our community that cannot be replicated by any
other. It is our distinguishing mark and how so many will know that they have arrived in our community. It will symbolize so many things to many different people, but to our residents it will symbolize home.

More reasons to come home.
More ways to thrive.
More things to do.
More to love.

Raymore: Come home to more.